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I am a French photographer based in Strasbourg, France.
I studied both photography and graphic arts but turned to photography as a mean of expressing myself, which finally transformed into a lifelong passion.

My biggest hobby is travel. I am fascinated by the world, in particular the people that live in it.
Since 2006, I have traveled around in search of emotions and intimate atmospheres to let the viewer of my photographs travel far and discover other cultures and other peoples.

Stories fascinate me. I am interested in history, geography and geopolitics with particular fascination of anthropology and ethnology such as the human place in nature, the meaning of civilization and progress. I am also interested by the subjects of war, uprising, social movements, gender…
I strive to create images and material that demand consideration for the lives of those depicted. I believe that intimate, sensitive photographs leave indelible marks on those who look at them.
My photographs are intended to reveal the soul of the land and the people. They aim not only to show, but to reveal. Not only display but to transfigure!

In my quest of man and his environment, I want to be part of a photography's tradition that depicts the world as it is, that portrays humanity as it is. Capture the beating heart of our planet and its inhabitants!

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Strasbourg, France